A raw piece of marble industrially processed that becomes a unique piece of lighting

Calcite was born following a trip to Barcelona, where we visited the Mies van der Rohe pavilion. Seeing this use of noble materials such as marble, onyx and granite was the starting point. 

The pendant light03 was first designed with in mind the combination of technology and one of the most ancient material, to create an attractive tension between the eternal nature of the stone and the obsolescence of technology. Here the marble slice becomes an interval, a pause between the two CNC machined pieces. The marbles natural qualities are use to diffuse the heat from the LED source as well as to ensure a proper hang or “floatiness” of the lamp with its mass. The floor lamp06 was then designed as an upside down version of the pendant, with a foot07 made of machined steel that act as a counterweight as well as a cable reel.

Calcite n./kalsait/. mineral consisting of calcium carbonate, CaCO3. It is a major constituent of sedimentary rocks such as limestone, marble, and chalk.
Ligne Roset / Cinna
France — 2016
180 x 180 x 65 mm

01 Calcite pendant, bedroom © Bart Pajak
02 Calcite floor, living room © Bart Pajak
03 Calcite pendant, © Cinna
04 Calcite pendant, bedroom © Bart Pajak
05 Calcite pendants, kitchen © Bart Pajak 
06 Calcite floor, © Cinna
07 Calcite floor, living room © Bart Pajak
08 Calcite floor, living room © Bart Pajak