Collapsible floor lamp
for online market

Today most window shopping is done online and more and more people are purchasing their furniture on a mobile device, without ever setting foot in a store. Courrier is a lamp envisioned to be ordered online, configured by the user, and designed to ship in a standard cardboard tube04. It is a collapsible floor lamp that was inspired by a simple straight line, a beam of light which extends beyond the physical limits of the object. LED technology allows the lamp to be brought down to its essence. Unassembled, its minimal volume and lightness means the lamp can be easily shipped via traditional mail services, hence its name, Courrier.

The project was selected by Cinna for their 2020 edition of “Cinna Révélateur de Talents” and was in development for a year between our studio and the engineering team of Ligne Roset SA. In April 2021, Courrier was revealed during their annual show at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Intended to develop the online presence of the brand, the lamp is now available via their newly designed online store.

Ligne Roset / Cinna
France — 2021
160 x 160 x 1700 mm

“To design without waste of either material or detail. To consider the solution an object provides, to be aware of the beauty and what it brings. To make something versatile so the user is a participant. To give the lightness of a feather, to a beam of light!”

words by Kiosk NY

01 Courrier, top detail © Max Verret         
02 Courrier, top detail with reflector © Max Verret
03 Courrier, from the garden © Max Verret
04 Courrier, assembly sequence © Max Verret
05 Courrier, white version © Max Verret
06 Courrier, patio © Max Verret
07 Courrier, living room © Max Verret
08 Courrier, living room © Max Verret    
09 Courrier, living room © Max Verret