Dry Ikebana

Handmade charity piece

The Dry Ikebana vase is meant to be use for arranging flowers, with no water. It is made by hand and comes with its natural irregularities that shows the beauty of the human making. This vase is shaped to allow a variety of plant diameter to be pinched and arranged. Whether picked on the ground after a storm like ancient Japanese tea-masters or carefully selected for a composition, each flower that end its journey in the Dry Ikebana should always be associated with the leaves, if there be any, for them to present the whole beauty of plant life.

The work was submitted to a charity auction during the 2019 Touch Wood exhibition held in London. Proceeds from the auction were donated to the World Land Trust which went to save 620 acres of threatened habitat in Columbia, Mexico and Zambia.

UK — 2019
180 x 180 x 65 mm

01 Dry Ikebana, film photography
02 Dry Ikebana, film photography            
03 Dry Ikebana, at home
04 Dry Ikebana, video at Touch Wood 19