Located in the heart of Marseille, between the Vieux-Port and Le Panier, Ensemble is a dynamic space, housing Loose Joints studio, a public bookshop and a gallery. The space presents a carefully selected range of titles by independent art and photography publishers from across the world, alongside Loose Joints’ own books and editions. We imagined the interior and circulation of the 80 m2 space, sourced elements and designed bespokely made pieces of wooden furniture. Made of plywood the custom made modules have been designed to offer some flexiblity to the bookshop. For exemple cubes of different heights presents books to visitors and give rythm to the space, they sit on wheels which allow for a variety of settings and can eventually be set aside to help transform the bookshop into a large gallery space for launch and opennings. 
Loose Joints
France — 2021
80 m2

01 Ensemble, low cube display © Max Verret  
02 Ensemble, overview plan drawing
03 Ensemble, store front detail © Loose joints
04 Ensemble, window display © Loose joints
05 Ensemble, bookshelf detail © Max Verret
06 Ensemble, window display shelf back © Max Verret   
07 Ensemble, tall cube display © Max Verret
08 Ensemble, cash desk © Max Verret
09 Ensemble, bookshelf overview © Loose Joints    
10 Ensemble, changing shop configuration © Max Verret
11 Ensemble, changing shop configuration © Max Verret
12 Ensemble, changing shop configuration © Max Verret
13 Ensemble, elements and drawings
14 Ensemble, store front © Loose joints