A discreet TV

ON&ON is an OLED TV that combines the digital and the analogue. TVs are becoming less of a centre piece for the living room, the traditional television set format is slowly fading away as people are diverting to other screens to watch all sorts of media. We think LG transparent OLED panel technology might offer a good opportunity to replace the black screen, with our design we propose a television that doubles as a picture frame, filling the gap between its occasional use. That is why we named it ON&ON, because even when switched off it will have something to show, and this without energy consumption. Turned on02 the OLED display offers the perfect quality for your favourite shows, but when you switch the screen off01, ON&ON becomes a simple frame displaying personal items. Its rubberised plastic frame allows ON&ON to lean anywhere at home, bringing a casual atmosphere to the living room, it will simply look like a picture frame, making the TV disappearing03. Two quick-release holders05 can be removed from the frame in order to slide a poster, a photo or any other flat object behind the display. Using a 35” transparent OLED panel, ON&ON is a discreet TV that is silently staying in the background, as an accessory to the space and not a statement piece08 10

The project has been shortlisted in Dezeen and LG's OLEDs Go! competition. For a bit more information: link

UK — 2021
772 x 532 x 19 mm

01 ON&ON, power off with a poster installed
02 ON&ON, power on in TV mode        
03 ON&ON, blending within the interior
04 ON&ON, power off side view
05 ON&ON, technical interface detail
06 ON&ON, control buttons detail
07 ON&ON, TV mode interior view
08 ON&ON, front view 
09 ON&ON, bottom corner detail
10 ON&ON, landscape on - portrait off