A discreet TV

TVs are not the centre piece of the living room anymore, people are watching less and less television on a traditional screen. However the new LG transparent OLED panel technology might offer a good opportunity to replace the black screen, with the ON&ON display the «TV» will always have something interesting to show. Turned on the OLED display offers the perfect quality for your favourite shows, but when you switch the screen off, ON&ON becomes a simple frame, displaying posters, pictures or art pieces. That is why we call it ON&ON, even when switched off it will have something to show, and this without energy consumption. Its rubberised plastic frame allows ON&ON to lean anywhere at home, bringing a casual atmosphere to the living room, it will simply look like a frame where you can display personal items, making the TV disappearing. Using a 35” transparent OLED panel, ON&ON is a discreet TV that is silently staying in the background, as an accessory to the space and not a statement piece. 

The project has been shortlisted in Dezeen and LG's OLEDs Go! competition. For a bit more information: link

UK — work in progress
772 x 532 x 19 mm