Foldable OLED display

Virage is a modular display that uses LG’s flexible OLED panel technology. Virage can be formed in many ways; as a room divider to separate interior spaces, between a dining table and a sofa for example05; it is also a surface of soft and diffused light for a peaceful reading moment03; when evening comes Virage becomes a large cinema screen, a viewing display that curves around for everybody to enjoy12. Its furniture language and typology allow for a great integration in an open plan house. Virage can take many forms, it can eventually be rolled for storage09. Made from an assembly of an aluminium extrusion structure, a flexible 88” OLED panel and rubber edges, it is intended as a high-end LG Signature product.

The project has been shortlisted in Dezeen and LG's OLEDs Go! competition. For a bit more information: link

UK — 2021
1700 x 1300 x 24 mm

01 Virage, side view         
02 Virage, wave detail in lighting mode
03 Virage, reading moment interior view
04 Virage, curved detail in screen mode
05 Virage, room divider and TV display
06 Virage, back view
07 Virage, technical interface detail
08 Virage, front view in lighting mode    
09 Virage, display—light—storage
10 Virage, display mode
11 Virage, top edge control buttons
12 Virage, cinema mode interior view