WDPK 83—7

An essential mixing controller for everyday users

Physical DJ controllers remain an important element that connects to the digital exercise of music mixing. WDPK 83—7 is a simple USB-C DJ controller that has been stripped of all clutter, for beginners it is unthreatening and distant from any professional looks. The functionalities are kept as simple as possible, only the essentials are present to perform, and will feel just right for musicians of all kinds. Thought like a piece of graphic design the controls have been carefully laid out and meticulously organised for ease of use.01 03

The "pocket" size makes it easier to transport from home to a party, allowing for easy handling, it fits in a backpack, with a laptop, or in a tote bag and takes the minimum space on a table top.04 05 06 07

WDPK 83—7 has been carefully considered to use a minimum amount of plastic as possible. The exterior chassis is made out of steel sheets; the keys and discs out of natural rubber; the sliders are simply rubber dipped and the rotary potentiometers are in aluminium.02 08

UK — 2018 | 2020
110 x 350 x 23 mm

01 WDPK 83—7, top view           
02 WDPK 83—7, back view
03 WDPK 83—7, controls detail
04 WDPK 83—7, on the go
05 WDPK 83—7, in a tote bag
06 WDPK 83—7, carried by hand
07 WDPK 83—7, at a party
08 WDPK 83—7, floating